Our Philosophy

We propose ourselves to our customer, cooperating with him since from the engineering phase, in order to optimize at best the further productive processes.

Baggiogroup can assess the feasibility of a project, carry out the design and the engineering of the product and can plan the working schedule using the highest data processing systems. All the production flow is operated using equipment and facilities of the last generation.

The quality control is carried out during all the different process phases following the UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 in order to give even more safety and reliability to the final product.

We reserve great importance to the human factor and the environment, in fact we obtained in December 2017 with the Certification Body “TUV Rheinland” the certification for safety and health in the workplace, according to the European regulations OHSAS 18001:2007. This result improved the relationship with our employees, our customers and all the suppliers that collaborates daily with us for a high quality production chain, to guarantee a system always updated and in line with the continuous evolution in term of regulations and market.

All our Master Welders are licensed according to the following regulations:

  • EN ISO 9006-1 135 P BW FM 1 S s 10,0 PA ss nb;
  • EN ISO 9006-1 141 P BW FM 5 S s 1,50 PA ss nb;
  • EN ISO 9006-1 135 P FW FM 1 S t  10,0 PB ml;
  • Preparation and support with assistance of the TÜV AUSTRIA.


Our Group

Work with us

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